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Surprising Benefits of an Office Redesign

Surprising Benefits of an Office Redesign

An office redesign can refresh and modernize an outdated workspace, but it’s often low on the list of a business owner’s priorities. While office design might seem strictly aesthetic, it affects employee satisfaction, customer confidence, brand continuity and more. Is your office design outdated? Find out how a redesign can benefit your business. Click To Tweet

Considering an Office Redesign?

The paint, lighting, furnishings, and décor in your office prove to be major mood influencers for both visitors and staff. This means that office redesign should definitely be on your list of unavoidable tasks to complete every few years. So, what will you get out of a beautiful office redesign?

Improves Collaboration

To ensure engagement among employees, add areas that offer opportunities for casual collaboration. This could be a bright, modern conference room for team brainstorming sessions, or an inviting break room with comfortable seating and tables for enjoying a snack. These areas should be flexible and versatile, to allow furniture to be moved around as needed.

Strengthens Brand

Your brand encompasses all the visible aspects of your business culture, from your website design and business cards to your office location and design. If you project an online image of a vibrant, modern business but conduct daily operations in a stark office full of cubicles, that conflicts your brand. Update your design to provide brand continuity.

Boosts Employee Morale

With so much time spent at the office, your employees want a workspace that they can be proud of. Old, uncomfortable furnishings can work against this goal. With an office redesign, you can think of ways to manage space efficiently while adding more comfort and amenities for your employees.

Enhances Consumer Confidence

Your office furniture and design speak volumes to your potential clients or customers. Sometimes one visit is enough for your customers to anticipate the quality of work they can expect from you. It’s vital to make a good first impression to potential customers and maintain a successful image for current clientele.

Pro Tip: Customers draw a number of conclusions about your work from your office appearance. Make a strong first impression with your office design.

An Office to Enjoy

You want your staff to enjoy coming to the office because that satisfaction will show itself in how they conduct their jobs and how they interact with customers. Not sure what your employees want in a redesign? Host a company meeting to gauge the needs and wants of your team, then put that list to work with a professional space planning and office design team.

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Design That Inspires: Creating a Collaborative Workspace

Design That Inspires: Creating a Collaborative Workspace

For many businesses, collaboration is an essential component of effective workflow. In these environments, coming up with creative ideas, and overcoming obstacles requires a high level of teamwork. However, collaboration isn’t something that happens effortlessly, it needs to be facilitated. Not sure how to achieve a smart office design that encourages collaboration? Here is some inspiration! Click To Tweet

Creating a Collaborative Workspace

Why do so many businesses use office design experts? In short, it’s because encouraging collaboration through furnishings isn’t something that comes naturally to most. They either go full steam ahead towards a completely open concept that lacks any individual privacy, or they go the opposite direction, putting up walls and cutting team members off from one another. There’s a happy middle ground, and a design professional can help you achieve that.

Flexible Workspaces

Above all, collaboration requires flexibility. It’s furniture that isn’t mounted to a wall or to the ground. It’s workstations that can be easily and quickly moved and rearranged to suit different needs. It’s desks that can be turned into standing desks, chairs that can be height-adjusted, and tables with storage or connectivity outlets. Collaboration is often spontaneous, but the office design has to provide a space for that to happen. 

Individual Space

Almost no job requires constant interaction, and for good reason. Each employee should have a workspace that’s afforded some amount of privacy so that after the team meetings and delegations they can get to work without interruption.

Pro Tip: The best office designs skillfully balance the “we” and the “me” for a space that’s functional and flexible.

Team Space

Open plan office designs have gotten a lot of criticism, stemming from the noise created within them and lack of privacy afforded to employees. This leads to heightened stress levels, more distractions, lower productivity and a less than stellar standard of work being produced. To counter to this, provide individual space with team space. Team space could be a large conference room outfitted with comfortable seating and a sofa near the back of the room for more private conversations. The team space should be at least partially separated from individual workstations to prevent a disruption to those working.

Good Idea, Poor Execution

Despite mixed reviews, the open office remains a popular workplace design for good reason. It fosters collaboration, promotes learning, and nurtures a strong culture. It’s a good idea that is often poorly executed. For a positive outcome, partner with a reputable workplace design firm that has the expertise to achieve the end goal.

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5 Office Hacks to Keep Your Space Organized

5 Office Hacks to Keep Your Space Organized

What’s the first thing you do when you see clutter covering your desk? If you simply shove it into drawers to shuffle stacks around, you’re not really organizing anything. So why does that matter? A relatively neat and orderly office space leads to higher productivity and less wasted time. Tired of working in a cluttered workspace? These hacks will help clear your desk (and your mind). Click To Tweet

Office Hacks For Better Organization (and less stress)

An organized work environment isn’t just visually appealing. Clutter signals to your brain that there’s work to do. When your brain feels overwhelmed by all this work, it triggers a stress response. Office organization has been shown to reduce stress by giving you a feeling of control and calm.

  1. Hide Wires
  2. Clear Your Inbox
  3. Ditch The Post-its
  4. Manage the Supply Closet
  5. Smart Storage

1) Hide Wires

With all of the monitors, computer towers, laptops, phones, and chargers that weave their way around the typical office desk, the wire situation can quickly get out of hand. Remember that eliminating visual clutter helps reduce stress, so hiding messy wires is essential. If your desk doesn’t have a slot to stash them, trying using binder clips to group them together and get them out of sight. It’s a little thing that goes a long way.

2) Clear Your Inbox

Office workers have an average of 450 emails in their inbox, but those with generous storage are racking up over 3,000. Imagine if you had a box on your desk with that many messages in it. Unless you manage your inbox it will become a beast that will squeeze the life and efficiency out of you. Clearing your inbox is easier than you think, and even a couple thousand messages can be whittled down in a matter of 30 minutes or less. Set aside the time and get it done.

3) Ditch The Post-its

Do you jot down notes and reminders on post-its that now cover every surface? An easy way to get rid of all the random scraps of paper, notebooks, and post-it notes is to go paperless. Apps like Evernote, Google Keep, and many more make cloud-based note taking incredibly easy, and you’ll never lose them!

4) Manage the Supply Closet

It doesn’t take much time to organize office supplies, but it’s one of those tasks that no one ever wants to take on. Remember that even small inefficiencies can lead to bigger problems down the road. Designate 1 person to be in charge of the office supply closet. They should do weekly inventory so you never run out of anything. Need something from the closet? Ask the person in charge so they’re able to track usage and waste.

5) Smart Storage

A good desk is a fundamental part of a productive workspace. If yours doesn’t provide enough storage it can put a serious cramp on your workflow. It’s important that you choose one that suits the space it will be in, but also provides enough storage to keep the surface clear. Even clean, simple workstations can be outfitted with pedestals and cabinets to add function to the form. These portable additions are the perfect way to preserve your modern aesthetic without sacrificing storage.

Get Organized — And Stay That Way

These 5 tips will help you get more organized, but remember how fast things can spiral out of control. Pair this guide with a resolution to organize and review a few times a month so you can stay organized and prevent the clutter from overwhelming you.

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How to Encourage Health and Wellness in the Workplace

How to Encourage Health and Wellness in the Workplace

A company that values health and wellness helps its employees maintain a work-life balance, and provides a workspace that they’re happy to spend time in. These efforts produce employees who bring a positive energy to the office, and they play a crucial role in strengthening your company culture. Employees who feel that their wellbeing is a priority are more motivated and focused. Click To Tweet 

Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Investing in your employee’s health and wellness can take many forms, including policies, resources, priorities, initiatives, and activities. Here are some simple ways to encourage healthy employees:

Prioritize Health

It’s not enough to say you care about your employee’s health if you don’t show it. Showing it might mean letting employees leave early on certain days to attend a yoga class, or offering a flexible schedule to ensure that they have time to fit exercise into their day. Additionally, you might install a bike rack to encourage cycling to and from work. 

Invest in Your Space

Your office design and furnishings should reflect your position on health. Versatile workstations, transitional desks that allow for sitting and standing, and ergonomic task seating are just a few elements that would enhance your employee’s workday.

Provide Healthy Snacks

Boredom and stress can lead to mindless snacking on things like candy or chips. When there are limited healthy food choices or too many temptations around the office, employees will indulge in food that makes them tired and sluggish. Providing healthy snacks, such as protein bars, veggies and hummus, and fresh fruit can eliminate the temptation.

Hold Walking Meetings

Traditionally, corporate meetings have been held in offices or conference rooms,  while all the attendees are seated. But new studies have shown that walking while conducting business meetings can actually increase the creative thought process. Obviously, this would not be very effective for large or important meetings, but for casual brainstorming sessions amongst employees.

Start a Walking/Running Club

Management needs to encourage exercise whenever possible. Have your company create or partner with running and walking clubs. Notify the employees, and let them know how they can join. Provide a schedule of times and locations to meet for a group run or walk.

A Culture of Health

Critical to cultivating a culture of health are leaders who walk the walk. Management should be role models for a healthy lifestyle and advocates of work-life balance. From the moment prospective employees walk through your doors, they should know that their wellness will be a priority.

Contact Us to learn more about fostering a culture of health at your workplace, starting with your office design.

How Your Office Interior Can Help Improve Employee Retention

How Your Office Interior Can Help Improve Employee Retention

If you’re like most business owners, you went through a careful and deliberate process when hiring your employees. Losing a good worker can have a domino effect on your business that takes months to get over. With all that effort in retaining talent, have you given much thought to your office? A modern office is not only attractive to employees but can help them become more efficient and focused. Click To Tweet

Improve Employee Retention With a Modern Work Space

Your office can foster collaboration and productivity between teammates, but a poorly planned space can have the opposite effect, making workers less efficient and less effective, and dissatisfied with their environment. Optimal space planning affects a company’s bottom line for the better by maximizing employee productivity and enabling a collaborative environment for your team.

  1. Lighting
  2. Comfort
  3. Sound Control
  4. Smart Storage
  5. Workstations

1) Lighting

Harsh fluorescent lights, and the buzz that accompanies them can make employees anxious, while too little light can strain the eyes. Finding the right balance is important, but if you want to step up the energy level in your office, use a soft daylight color. These bulbs come as close to mimicking the sunlight as possible, which is easier on the eyes.

2) Comfort

An uncomfortable desk chair is more than an annoyance to the employee using it. Sitting for long periods of time in an awkward or poorly designed chair can cause pain and health problems. If possible, give your employees a choice when selecting their ideal chair. But if not, take care to select ergonomic, comfortable office seating.

3) Sound Control

Some people work well in complete silence, but others find it unsettling and distracting. It’s important to figure out that perfect level of background or “white” noise. Try getting a noise machine or small bubbling fountain first, or opt for quiet, classical music.

4) Smart Storage

Although everyone has their own systems of organization, if you fail to put things away it can draw your attention away from your work. Office storage solutions like cabinets, bookshelves, pedestals and other pieces can provide versatility and functionality to any office.

5) Traffic Patterns

When mapping out the flow of your office, consider the nature and patterns of the work. If one employee is expected to communicate regularly with another employee, their desks should probably be close to one another. If a particular job requires a lot of printing, have that person’s workstation near the office copier. 

The Importance of Environment

When it comes to improving efficiency in the workplace, a lot of advice centers around the mindset or motivation of the individual employees. They’re told to set goals, track their progress, and push themselves. While these are all great tips, the work environment is equally important, and entirely within your control.

Contact Us to learn more about furnishing an office that will help keep employees happy and productive.

Choosing the Right Conference Room Design to Seal the Deal

Choosing the Right Conference Room Design to Seal the Deal

Getting a client or potential client to meet with your team is quite an accomplishment, but it’s only the first step. Your conference room has the power to make a big first impression, but whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on the space! A memorable conference room should be modern, well lit and comfortable. Click To Tweet

The Ideal Conference Room

A great conference room combines form and function, ensuring that visitors are listening to you, not counting down the minutes until they can leave. There should be little in the way of distractions, and extra care should be taken for the following elements:

  1. Good Lighting
  2. Modern Furnishings
  3. Comfort
  4. Tech Integrations
  5. Flexibility

1) Good Lighting

No one wants to spend the afternoon under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights. If possible, let in some natural light, making sure the windows are partially covered with blinds or shades, should the sun become too bright. Avoiding or minimizing overhead lighting makes for a more calming setting, but be sure to use light bulbs that don’t give off too much heat.

2) Modern Furnishings

It doesn’t instill much confidence in visitors to see old, shabby furnishings. You need to project an image of success, and one of the best ways to do so is with clean, modern design.  

3) Comfort

The most beautiful armchairs won’t help if no one can stand sitting in them! Comfort is crucial, particularly for longer meetings. Take care to choose pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, but comfortable as well. 

4) Tech Integrations

To ensure your conference room projects sophistication, choose furnishings with built-in power adapters, multimedia capabilities and charging options. By integrating technology into the design of your conference room, you add convenience and functionality to the space while removing the clutter and hazards that a jumble of cables and cords creates.

5) Flexibility

The way you work and meet has evolved, and so should the spaces in which you perform these activities. Depending on the type of meetings taking place, you’ll want to choose furnishing that allow you, your visitors and employees to get comfortable and collaborate. Modular seating in a meeting space is great for accommodating groups of all sizes and helps prevent fatigue during long meetings.

A Comfortable Space

No matter how you design your conference room, remember that it should be a comfortable space where your team can gather, brainstorm and collaborate. 

Contact Us to learn more about space planning, conference room design and modern furniture to make your next meeting a success.

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