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The Essential Office Moving Checklist

The Essential Office Moving Checklist

Moving an office may be even more stressful than moving your own home, as there are so many more variables and moving parts. You may not have control over the many aspects of a corporate move because of guidelines provided by the company, or a stringent approval process paralyzing the timeline. Most people are not familiar with how to prepare for a corporate move, which can cause frustration and delay. Click To Tweet

Your Office Moving Checklist

Moving your office may seem completely foreign, but is absolutely do-able. Most people are simply not familiar with how to prepare for a corporate move, which can cause frustration and delay.  That’s why it’s so important to follow a cohesive and comprehensive office-moving guide. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Determine a Budget

Your move budget will dictate every aspect of the process, so it’s important to identify costs before you hire movers, or even pack the first box. If you’re downsizing, it may be time to swap out big, bulky furniture for versatile workstations. If you’re upgrading, you may have a larger budget for office design and furniture services. Once you’ve established your budget, stick to it by prioritizing your needs and identifying any potential surprise expenses.

Make a Plan

While there are sure to be hiccups or detours, it’s important to create a plan and timeline for your upcoming move. This can also allow you to provide an overlap between the closing of your old office and opening of your new facility so that business will not be interrupted. You’ll need to develop and discuss the plan with the rest of your moving committee and with upper management to ensure it’s feasible. For small offices, it’s best to plan at least 3 months out, while larger offices may need as many as 6 to 8 months. The sooner you start, the better!


Communication is king when it comes to successfully executing an office move. Employees should all understand the timeline, expectations, and pre-move tasks. It’s important not to lean too heavily on emails or group texts, but have regular meetings to discuss and clarify the process to avoid any potential misunderstandings. As the manager of a move, you shouldn’t be expected to do everything, but you should know who’s doing what and when it should be done. That’s where delegation comes into play.


Trying to juggle a move alone is a recipe for disaster.  Create a moving committee and arm them with a list of tasks that need to be added to the timeline and completed. A move usually requires scheduling and coordinating with various service providers, such as furniture delivery teams or computer network specialists. Delegate other managers to keep track of specific services and make sure they are transferred or installed correctly. Upon completion, have them report the results back to you.

The Right Team

Having the right people on your team can be the difference between a successful move and a huge headache. Opting for a turnkey design and furniture service takes the guesswork out of furnishing your new office. With experienced professionals guiding you through the process you’ll be enjoying your beautiful new office in no time.

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New Website Launch for WorkSpace Resource!

New Website Launch for WorkSpace Resource!

WorkSpace Resource is proud to announce the launch of our new and improved website! Our site provides an easy and user-friendly way to browse our extensive selection of office furniture and explore the various services we offer. 

About WorkSpace Resource

WorkSpace Resource provides quality products and solutions that adapt and grow with your organization while maintaining a polished and pleasing atmosphere. Offering traditional, transitional, and contemporary product lines, we can transform your office to reflect your individuality and vision.

Get to Know Our New Website

To familiarize yourself with our track record, browse our customer reviews and our client portfolio. This will give you a better idea of what we can do for you! We offer design and project management services, and furniture for healthcare, education, government and workplace settings. To make the process easier we also offer financing, rental and buyback programs.

Design Services

WorkPlace Resource employs state of the art software and design techniques to ensure that space and budget constraints are addressed and overcome. Our design team has a combined 30 years of experience and we take pride in our ability to turn your vision into a reality. We’re with you every step of the way, from space planning to installation.

Industry-Specific Furniture

We have an extensive selection of workplace furniture, but also offer industry-specific solutions to meet your needs. Whether you need healthcare furniture for a waiting room or desks for a classroom, WorkSpace Resource has you covered!

Buy and Sell Options

Each business has different needs for office furniture. Buying furniture may not be feasible, or you might need a temporary solution. WorkSpace Resource offers financing, rental and buyback programs, wherein we’ll offer your current market value for your current office furniture and credit for new WorkSpace Resource furniture.

Ready to Serve You

Whatever your needs, WorkSpace Resource has the right solution for you. Make your office space polished, professional and comfortable, without feeling stuffy or cold.

Contact Us today to learn more about smart office interiors that can make a memorable first impression.

Office Environments: Privacy + Peacefulness = Productivity

Office Environments: Privacy + Peacefulness = Productivity

Office Environments – Privacy + Peacefulness = Productivity


Employers today representing companies small, large and from every industry are all in search of one common element in their workplace – Productivity. No matter what generation of employees they represent, companies are searching for ways to help boost their employee’s productivity while maintaining or increasing job satisfaction and retention levels. An article from outlines a few small changes that can make a significant impact on this valuable trait among employees.

From energy drinks and headphones to goal setting and to-do lists, the ways to increase productivity at work are abundant and diverse. While a Venti coffee and the latest Beyonce album can be helpful, there are some proven methods that will help.

By creating quiet spaces and implementing natural elements that improve your workspace, you can produce even better results. This not only increases productivity, it also increases overall workplace happiness.

By making adjustments to your space, you can make improvements that will benefit your entire team. Here are five ways to update your workplace and boost productivity:

Make room for tranquil spaces

Adding a zen room creates a space for employees to recharge. Recent studies have shown that taking breaks for silence revitalizes your nervous system, bolsters energy levels and allows your mind to be more receptive and creative, and therefore more productive. Creating a zen room can be a simple as converting an underutilized room in your office into your new, serene space. Provide dimmable lighting, if possible, and add flexible, comfortable furnishings. Embellishing the space with artwork and soothing music will add to the ambiance.

Install sound masking

While this sounds like a daunting undertaking, the benefits of sound masking have been studied extensively. Independent research has documented productivity gains of 8 to 38 percent and job satisfaction increases of 125 to 174 percent with the addition of sound masking. On top of speech privacy, sound masking can also reduce employee stress and mental fatigue. Installation costs are relatively low and range between $1 and $2.50 per square foot depending on the location of the facility and the complexity of the system.

Create a quiet zone

Similar to a zen room, quiet zones allow a place for employees to go when they need increased focus, without the distraction of side office conversations. A recent study from the University of California, Irvine found that an average employee’s quiet time is only 11 minutes between interruptions and disturbances. It then takes approximately 25 minutes to pick-up and proceeds with assignments. Creating quiet zones eliminates the possibility of distractions and provides an area for ample focus on more complex or time-sensitive tasks. Designate an area of your office where no calls, meetings or discussions can take place and workers can find the privacy they need to be productive.”


WorkSpace Resource is your source for the highest quality new and used office furniture with professional service that will help you find the perfect combination for your office space. Offering a full line of office furniture, including chairs, tables, desks, cubicles, and storage systems, we can provide an endless number of possibilities for any budget to help you transform your workspace into a reflection of your vision. Call us today to start the design process!

Houston & Beyond – WorkSpace Resource heads West to install new furniture for Goldwater Bank

Houston & Beyond – WorkSpace Resource heads West to install new furniture for Goldwater Bank


WorkSpace Resource has a great reputation for providing and installing high-quality office furniture in the Houston area and across the state of Texas, but did you know that we also do work beyond our great state lines?


Last weekend, our President James Strole hit the road for Walnut Creek, California to supervise the installation of a new office for Goldwater Bank. The beautiful new location was furnished with 12 AIS DiVi workstations, helping to maximize their space and minimize their expense. The private offices were done in Clear Design, providing a fresh modern look at a high value.





DiVi is designed to be the most cost-efficient monolithic and segmented panel system on the market. DiVi’s flexibility makes it perfect for every application, making it easy to create sophisticated environments using segmented insert panels. This system also offers quarter-glass and half-glass insert panels with standard lead times, giving you the option to create an increasingly open environment while maintaining a level of privacy.



Clear Design Blade

The BLADE Bench Desking System was designed by Clear Design to meet the more efficient, more evolved ways of today’s world. It embodies the advancement in today’s workforce and increases productivity, efficiency, and sustainability all while providing cost savings over traditional options. The BLADE system has evolved into a versatile solution that can be used in applications from training rooms, executive offices, command centers, call centers and as effective replacement for traditional panel systems.

Houston is our home, but we love working on out-of-state projects. Next time you have a large project, whether it’s in Houston, San Francisco, Boston, or anywhere in between, contact WorkSpace Resource for an exceptional experience. WorkSpace Resource specializes in design, project management, delivery and installation, pre-owned and rental furniture, warehousing and so much more! Let us know how we can help you make your next project a success.

What are Design & Space Planning Services?

What are Design & Space Planning Services?

Maximize Your Office’s Potential

Do you need help achieving the perfect look in your new office? Are you looking to maximize your office’s potential by adding some new pieces and rearranging your current layout? WorkSpace Resource can help with just that! Our complimentary Space Planning and Design Services will come in handy when you are getting your new or used furniture with us. What do these services entail? Let’s take a look…

Your Space and Budget

We can help you evaluate your needs based on the overall look you want to achieve, the materials you want to use, and the right amount of storage and workspace you need to create an effective work environment. We can help you do this, and all within your budget!

Whether your company is growing, moving, or updating your current space, WorkSpace Resource is there to help!

At WorkSpace Resource, we employ state of the art software and up-to-the minute design techniques to ensure that organizational efficiency and budget constraints are utilized most effectively. Our design team has a combined 30 years of experience and we understand the uniqueness of each workplace. We utilize a turnkey system that optimizes your furniture buying experience.

Office Design Process

From Office Layouts to Finish Selections

The initial step to designing your workspace is for an experienced member of our team to schedule a free consultation at your location to gather some preliminary information. During this meeting, we will obtain your specific requirements and vision. From picking out the perfect furniture to finish selection, our qualified staff will help making a decision effortless.

Through the utilization of space dimensions, and/or architectural drawings we are able to begin the development phase. WorkSpace Resource offers a design team that explores products that reflect your individuality and vision. We use an integrated software system developed specifically for interior designers and facility planners called GIZA. Through the use of GIZA, a product of 20-20 Technologies, we are able to furnish customized 3-dimensional drawings that virtually place you directly into the floorplan.

The final process of the design phase is to review a detailed summary of your selections. A member of our project management team will support you through this stage to ensure that every specification has been addressed. Next, we present you with a detailed product summary, floorplans, and an approximate lead time.

Our Project Management and Installation Team takes it from there to ensure you have the best possible experience!

Please contact us or Call Us at 936.756.1512 Today to get the process started!!!

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