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5 Recommendations for a Successful Office Relocation

5 Recommendations for a Successful Office Relocation

Dreading an upcoming office relocation? Are you delaying the move because you don’t know where to start? Having a specific plan in pace will help ease your anxiety and motivate you to take action.

Planning Your Office Relocation

The first steps to relocating your office are to start a practical timeline and delegate tasks. Instruct office managers to motivate and encourage employees to make this transformation seamless for everyone. The following recommendations will help your team get organized for an ideal move.

  1. Have a Game Plan
  2. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute
  3. Don’t Hire a General Moving Company
  4. Hire a Specialized Person or Company to Move IT Equipment
  5. Clean Your Desk Out

1) Have a Game Plan

Moving office spaces without a strategy is stressful and nearly impossible, which is why having a game plan is crucial. A skilled commercial furniture dealer can help you organize your new office space to ensure your existing furniture fits properly and is used in the most efficient way possible. Professional space planning will save you time, so the movers and installers know how to load the truck and make the best use of their time at the new office location.

Pro Tip: If you intend on relocating your office, make sure to plan at least six months in advance.

2) Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

We all procrastinate from time-to-time. However, when moving office locations, it’s best to plan in advance- especially if you plan on selling old furniture, or purchasing brand new. New furniture can take up to six weeks to receive, so you’ll want to set aside ample time for that process. Depending on the quality and quantity of your pre-owned furniture, a commercial dealer may be able to offer you a credit for your unused furniture through a Buy-Back program.

3) Don’t Hire a General Moving Company

Moving commercial office furniture requires skilled labor to efficiently disassemble commercial grade office furniture, particularly cubicles. General moving companies don’t have this type of experience and can break pieces, lose parts, or take a significant amount of time and labor to take apart and reassemble the pieces. Therefore, it is mandatory to work with a company that specializes in moving commercial offices.

4) Hire a Specialized Person or Company to Move IT Equipment

Today, computers and IT equipment are vital for most businesses. This expensive equipment should be one of the first things to go, so it doesn’t get damaged during a move. The bare minimum for transferring these costly goods would be to label, pack-up and secure them on rolling carts. This will help ensure the equipment does not get damaged during a move and can be easily identified at the new office location.

During a big office move, ensure valuable IT equipment is protected by hiring a specialized company to move the equipment. Click To Tweet

5) Clean your desk out

Give your employees plenty of time to clean their personal items from desks and other storage. These items should be packed away in boxes prior to the furniture being moved. You have enough to worry about when moving spaces, so you don’t want to worry about loose personal items as well. This can result in costly time delays or unavoidable damages.

A Stress-Free Move

Proper planning will make this office relocation as worry-free as possible. Furthermore, hiring a company that specializes in relocating commercial businesses will ensure your office move goes well and your expensive equipment is taken care of.

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How to Incorporate Color Psychology Into Your Office Design

How to Incorporate Color Psychology Into Your Office Design

Color plays an important role in how your business is perceived. Whether you’re a startup trying to connect with a youthful audience or a consulting firm trying to strengthen client confidence, you can study color meanings to help you better attract and connect to your ideal customer. Do the colors in your office hurt or help your image? The answer might surprise you. Click To Tweet

How to Incorporate Color Psychology Into Your Office Design

Color psychology can be used to help create an office space that sends the right message and appeals to the customers you’re targeting. You may wonder how color affects our daily decisions, but ask yourself these questions: Does the color of an item of clothing compel you to purchase it? If the colors of an office building are loud or garish, are you less likely to do business there? The answer to both questions is probably yes.

Warm Colors

Generally speaking, warm colors evoke feelings of vibrancy, positivity, excitement, and optimism. Bold colors, like red or orange, usually represent passion, adventure, and creativity. However, as is the case with all bold colors (warm or cool) they should be used sparingly in your office design. In wood tones, these will be rich, warm wood grains.

Cool Tones

Cool tones are meant to inspire feelings of trust, calm and stability. Cool colors like blue and green are often used to convey quality and reliability. The risk with these colors is that when you’re over-used they can seem cold or sterile. Cool toned wood furniture might be stained light gray, making them less warm and more modern.


Neutral colors are the most frequently used in office design and furniture, with accents of bolder colors providing interest. Neutral colors can be warm or cool but are generally very light and bright. A prime example of this was seen in the 2018 NeoCon AIS Showroom, which used neutral colors on the walls and ceiling, then added warmth in the wood toned furniture and interest with rich eggplant colored accents.

Pro Tip: The ideal color palette for most offices is a mixture of predominately neutral colors with accents of dark or bold colors.

An Important Aspect of Office Design

Color influences mood, productivity, and creativity at work, so it’s not something to dismiss without a thought. It’s an important part of your office design, from the color of the walls to the waiting room seating in your lobby. The effects of the colors you choose are subliminal and instinctive, creating a good or bad perception of your business. You’re sending a message, and judgments are being made, the moment your door is opened. What is your office saying?

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Surprising Benefits of an Office Redesign

Surprising Benefits of an Office Redesign

An office redesign can refresh and modernize an outdated workspace, but it’s often low on the list of a business owner’s priorities. While office design might seem strictly aesthetic, it affects employee satisfaction, customer confidence, brand continuity and more. Is your office design outdated? Find out how a redesign can benefit your business. Click To Tweet

Considering an Office Redesign?

The paint, lighting, furnishings, and décor in your office prove to be major mood influencers for both visitors and staff. This means that office redesign should definitely be on your list of unavoidable tasks to complete every few years. So, what will you get out of a beautiful office redesign?

Improves Collaboration

To ensure engagement among employees, add areas that offer opportunities for casual collaboration. This could be a bright, modern conference room for team brainstorming sessions, or an inviting break room with comfortable seating and tables for enjoying a snack. These areas should be flexible and versatile, to allow furniture to be moved around as needed.

Strengthens Brand

Your brand encompasses all the visible aspects of your business culture, from your website design and business cards to your office location and design. If you project an online image of a vibrant, modern business but conduct daily operations in a stark office full of cubicles, that conflicts your brand. Update your design to provide brand continuity.

Boosts Employee Morale

With so much time spent at the office, your employees want a workspace that they can be proud of. Old, uncomfortable furnishings can work against this goal. With an office redesign, you can think of ways to manage space efficiently while adding more comfort and amenities for your employees.

Enhances Consumer Confidence

Your office furniture and design speak volumes to your potential clients or customers. Sometimes one visit is enough for your customers to anticipate the quality of work they can expect from you. It’s vital to make a good first impression to potential customers and maintain a successful image for current clientele.

Pro Tip: Customers draw a number of conclusions about your work from your office appearance. Make a strong first impression with your office design.

An Office to Enjoy

You want your staff to enjoy coming to the office because that satisfaction will show itself in how they conduct their jobs and how they interact with customers. Not sure what your employees want in a redesign? Host a company meeting to gauge the needs and wants of your team, then put that list to work with a professional space planning and office design team.

Contact Us to get started on your office redesign. Browse our success stories to see how we’ve helped other businesses.

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